About Dr Ir Egbert-Jan Sol


Born in 1956 in Sneek, Netherlands, Egbert-Jan Sol received his PhD Technical Sciences 1983 and his MSc Mechanical Engineering (Ir Werktuigbouwkunde) 1979 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Since 2013 part-time professor (research management) at the Science Faculty of the Radboud University Nijmegen (1day/week).

Since 2004 managing director of TNO Industry in Eindhoven, and from 2005 director Knowledge (CTO) of TNO Science and Industry, a 1000+ large R&D organisation, and from 1 jan 2011 TNO innovation director, managing the High Tech Systems and Materials area.

From 1996-2003 Egbert-Jan Sol was vice president technology at Ericsson Telecommunicatie BV (ETM) at Rijen, Netherlands. He was board member of ETM for technology with a focus on research & development, product marketing and strategic business development at Ericsson Telecommunication in the Netherlands. Initially part-time working for LM Ericsson at Corporate Technology in Stockholm/Kista and latter 3 year as expat living in Sweden, he was member of the Ericsson Technology Board and the Core System Management group.

Since 1990 he has been and still is member of many boards and advisory committees of research programs, university boards, start-up firms, governmental commissions, etc.

Beside several articles, he wrote from 1999-2002 a monthly column in the large Dutch IT weekly magazine “Computable” and from 2005 on in Bits and Chips

Egbert-Jan Sol has been from 1987-1991 software manager at Philips Industrial Electronics (PLC, Real-time Unix) and from 1992-1995 as consultant and interim-manager at BSO-AT/Origin for several large industrial firms in the area of IT-management, embedded software development and data-communication, in particular as marketing and sales manager at Philips/Origin for Internet services. After his PhD in 1983 he started to work for 3 years at Hoogovens Automation Systems as project manager for robotic and industrial automation projects.

From 1990-1998 Egbert-Jan Sol has been part-time professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology at Technology Management. Research topics at the university were architectures and the management of product development

Beside winner of the academy award of the university in the category teacher in 1996 for his experiments with lectures on the Internet, Egbert-Jan Sol is co-founder and first chairman of the Digital City Eindhoven (Digitale Stad Eindhoven) with this web page: http://www.dse.nl/~ejsol or www.ejsol.dse.nl